This is my ‘Hello World’ post.


With it, I’m going to set the tone for the posts to follow. I appreciate irony – especially the unintentional variety – but more fundamentally I try to look at things a little bit differently. Maybe I’ll write about an usual opportunity arising from the things we take for granted. Or perhaps I see a way to apply something off-the-wall to a practical everyday problem. Or maybe I’ll just share something I think is innovative or useful or funny or that provides an insight into how we think collectively, or just leaves me scratching my head or smiling inwardly.


True story: I was in the elevator at a client’s office the other day, stuffed into the carriage with a dozen or so other people in our office costumery, and this came up on the Captivate monitor mounted on the elevator’s wall. Isn’t it great?


Here we were, workers squeezed into a cramped steel elevator carriage, staring at the monitor so as to avoid the socially awkward unaccustomed proximity to each other on our way to desks placed in cubicles or standardized offices. And these days, many people are rightly concerned about whether their employer will survive competition from outside the office walls.

Lots of cages. Lots of sharks.

What’s retirement freedom look like? Being voluntarily placed in a steel cage with ravenous sharks outside. So nice to finally get out of the office.

Ha ha.

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